West Williamston Update

From reserve warden, Nikki Anderson:

Arrived at the reserve at 8.15am on the 4th August - glorious morning, no wind, blue sky and already very warm. Was full of confidence, armed with the Trust project camera and battery fully charged. It was not to be - none of the following were stationary at all....

8.31am: BH flew from right to left and disappeared into Ash 5 - the small bushy one
8.43am: BH flew across top four fifths of Ash 2 - did not settle by clear ID
8.43am: BH in top third of Ash 2 (same tree same time) wings almost open buy quickly crawled out of sight
8.43am: Same tree - third BH in same moment

NB 8.43am: Small fluffy cloud for max 90 seconds - resulted in a flurry of activity with BH & PH. Prior to this the temperature had risen to 29C.

9.20am: BH in Ash 4 on the wing

Left at 9.45 having seen 5 Brown Hairstreak (not possible to say male or female) and 7 Purple Hairstreak in the same trees.

For anyone with mobility problems this is an excellent row of trees to pay a visit to being so close to the car park - only holds maximum of 4 cars however. The trees can be seen from the lane, or nearer by using the simple style put in by Nathan Walton. There are often one or two horses in the field but we are very respectful of their presence and so far they have totally ignored us.

I have numbered the key trees for ease of passing on information to others - these are the trees where sightings have been made consistantly over the last 4 years.


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