More News From West Williamston

From David Redhead:

Egg laying has commenced in Pembrokeshire with two fresh eggs found this morning (8th August) in the top field at WTSWW's West Williamston Reserve. They were found on sucker growth in the top field opposite ash tree 2 - see previous reports by Nikki Anderson. An adult has now been seen at a second Pembrokeshire location, a private site near Jeffreyston a few miles to the east of West Williamston.

And from reserve warden, Nikki Anderson:

Had a good morning unexpectedly yesterday - it had rained in night so didn't expect it to be fine until I woke up and saw the sun.

Same site - the line of Ash by the car park - as follows...

8.25am: none to be seen
8.38am: 2 BH males at top of Ash 6, on the wing for 3-4 secs
8.49am: 1 female in Ash 5 (the small one) in slow flight, 7-8 secs

Temperature on arrival was 21 degrees on the thermometer when I took it out of my bag. By 8.50am it was 25 degrees, and at 9.15am, it was registering 28/29 degrees.

9.10am: male BH 4-5 secs, flew up to RHS of Ash 4
9.15am: female to top, LHS of Ash 1
9.15am: male flitting on top, RHS of Ash 1
9.16am: fritillary (Silver-washed or Dark Green), flew up to centre of Ash 1
9.29am: BH in Ash 5 - middle to RHS - not able to identify male or female

So, 7 Brown Hairstreak in an hour (4 males, 2 females & 1 unidentified) - all went quiet after this. It could have been because it was simply too hot by then - 29 degrees.

Purple Hairstreak were seen at 8.37am in Ash 6, and 9.28am in Ash 5, with 2 Speckled Wood in the trees there too.


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