Double-deckers at Grafton

Thought today would be a perfect day at Grafton: 20C, blue sky and no wind. After two hours searching in the rides by the pond area, and not even a fly-by sighting, I was beginning to think otherwise and was about to leave. Then, low down in the blackthorn, only 10m to the East of the pond, I saw my first Brownie of the year - an egg laying female.

 As I moved in to photograph, I noticed a second egg-laying female only 12 inches away basking. It was like catching a bus, nothing for two hours and then two come along in a minute.
A couple from Leicester joined to see the spectacle and we spotted a third female, nearby. She flew high into bramble and proved a photographers nightmare, staying perfectly still with open wings for 20 minutes
but too high to photograph. The sightings were around 12.00p.m and I left as it clouded over around 12.45 p.m.


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