West Williamston Egg Predation Survey . Week 8 - 30th September 2014

And another unusual find ……….

With 212 eggs tagged over the last seven weeks and another 30  eggs found by David Redhead and myself today, the total number of eggs laid at this small survey site is now stands at 242.  
Interestingly outside the fence, in the youngest Blackthorn, the latest newly laid eggs are mostly on the outer edge and have totalled 7, 6 and 9 found by me – 9 being the latest weekly figure.  David Redhead, on the other hand, has been counting inside the fence nearer the trees.  His totals of new found eggs over the last 3 weeks are 19, 20 and 21 – 21 being the latest figure.
The overall total includes the 2 sets of triplets (was 3) and now 17 doubles (David’s 21 eggs found this week included 2 more sets of doubles).

               It is proving to be a most interesting survey.                       Nikki Anderson

West Williamston Egg Predation Survey . Week 7 - 23rd September

One Pale Tussock and 212 tagged eggs.

26  more eggs were found this week, exactly the same number as last week, and so the grand total of tagged eggs now stands at 212.  Three of those eggs have been predated (or at least can’t be found!).
There are 2 sets of triplets and 15 doublets.   No more doubles or trebles were found this week,  but the remains of one of the original 3 sets of triplets was found by way of a bit of dead twig lying on the ground, with the three combined tags on – no eggs though.  There is no doubt that a horse was the culprit, and she is now grazing in a lower field.
One of the bonuses of the project has been the unexpected.  For example, the very well camouflaged caterpillar in the attached photograph.  

Best wishes                      Nikki Anderson