West Williamston Update - 10/08/14

From reserve warden, Nikki Anderson:
Dedication to the cause has finally delivered results at West Williamston - the photograph below was taken today despite the remnants of 'Bertha' lurking off the south coast of Wales.

The male Brown Hairstreak was on the wing at 12:25pm in the top field of the reserve and was observed for several minutes. The sun was intermittent, there was a gusting wind and it was seen in Ash 5.

A few minutes later, a second BH was seen leisurely flying in Ash 4, then flew down and along Blackthorn to then fly up into the top of Ash 5. Probably female but not confirmed.

David Redhead and Jean Hambly were also on the reserve today and we embarked on an egg count in a sample survey area in the top field where we found 11 eggs. We will carry out weekly counts with the aim of establishing whether or not early laid eggs are more likely to be predated.


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