Grafton still showing well

Only 14C and cloudy at Grafton earlier this morning, but sun out by 11am and two fly-by sightings at 11.30am. At 12pm, first female flew down from the canopy to bask near blackthorn, by the pond. Exactly the same place as mentioned in my last post on August 4th.

This female basked for 2/3 minutes and flew deep into the nearby blackthorn to crawl along the young shoots looking for egg laying sites.
After 10 minutes alternating between crawling along twigs, basking and egg laying, she flew higher in the blackthorn to bask.
However, it started raining just after 1pm and she flew for shelter.  Earlier, I did have chance to find some eggs in the blackthorn nearby.
If you fancy a visit, Grafton is still showing well.


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