Ash Brownies is a blog dedicated to the sharing of sightings, photographs, research, observations, articles and trip reports associated with the Brown Hairstreak butterfly from across the UK and Ireland. Ultimately, the aim of the blog is to not only become a fantastic resource for all things Brown, but also to help promote awareness, generate interest and encourage more people to get involved in Brown Hairstreak conservation any way they can.
For the more enthusiastic Brown Hairstreaker, the season doesn't end once the flight period is over. Many branches of Butterfly Conservation have their own team of dedicated "Streakers" or "Eggheads" who brave the harsh, plummeting temperatures of the Great British Winter to go out egg searching. This is actually one of the easiest ways of determining the presence of the Brown Hairstreak at a particular site, and also a good way of plotting distribution. Some "Streakers" even carry on throughout the spring, searching for caterpillars.
If you are involved in any of the above activities or just enjoy making the annual pilgrimage to seek out the adults each year, WE NEED YOU!

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Please note that this blog will operate all year round!