Brown Hairstreaks in Redditch and elsewhere

In recent years, the Brown Hairstreak has been steadily moving eastwards in Worcs and for the first time last winter we found eggs within the town of Redditch.  This year, we thought we would have a crack at enlisting the support of the public at large in trying to find adults and produced a press release and poster asking members of the public to keep a look out for the butterfly.  The idea clearly caught the eye of at least two local papers who picked up on the story and did a write-up including photos of the upperside of the butterfly.  Within a few hours of publication, we now have our first definite report of a sighting within the town which is great news and a whole new area to search for eggs this coming winter! 

This is shaping up to be a very good but late year for adults in Worcs with continuing reports of Brown Hairstreaks at assembly trees and, increasingly, sightings of egg laying females.  At least 12 individuals reported from Grafton Wood today which is the highest total of the season so far. 


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