Brown Hairstreak ebulletin

For those interested in a more detailed account of Brown Hairstreaks in Worcs (and now W. Warks) a regular email is distributed in my capacity as Brown Hairstreak Species Champion for West Midlands Butterfly Conservation.  Past copies can be accessed via the branch website or if you contact me direct I can add you to the mailing list.  The series goes back to January 2005 so plenty of historic data available and we have just published number 96 earlier this month.  The current issue provides an account of the Brown Hairstreak open day at Grafton Wood last month, news of this year's Big Ash Bash and dates of our forthcoming egg hunt days this coming winter.  The latter are open to one and all and any fellow bloggers would be very welcome.  The dates arranged so far are as follows: Sat 24th November, Sun 30th December (mincepie special!) and Sun 12th January and in each case we meet outside Grafton Flyford church for 10 am..  Let me know if anyone is planning to come from further afield of if more detailed directions are required.


I will most definitely be there for the Mince Pie Special on Dec 30th :)

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