Waiting no longer

The first Brown Hairstreaks were seen at Grafton Wood last Thursday: a male and more surprisingly an egg-laying female.  Saw both White-letter Hairstreak and Purple Hairstreak the same day all three nectaring on hemp agrimony and in the case of the male Brown Hairstreak bramble.  Wondered if this might suggest a shortage of aphid honeydew this year.  What has been the experience elsewhere?


They never seem to nectar in Wales except at one site where three males were seen nectaring on Hemp Agrimony on 17th Auigust which I think is a record in numbers seen nectaring at the same time.

Are you sure the female laid an egg? In Pembrokeshire a low level female was seen on 8th August which went through all the motions of laying an egg but did not do so. From past experience this is often the case. We are as certain as we can be that egg laying did not start in Pembrokeshire until 15th August.

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