Eggs Now Hatching

I am fortunate enough to have three Brown Hairstreak eggs in my front hedge here in Crawley, West Sussex. All have survived predation and the first of them hatched this morning (15th April). The egg was south-facing and the larva was located making its way to the nearest leaves. The plant is Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera) which has been in leaf for some weeks. I have also been monitoring eggs on nearby Blackthorn where the buds are now just breaking and found another hatched egg (also south-facing). Last year eggs in this area were reported to be hatching on 5th April.

Vince Massimo


Bit late to comment on this post but I have only just signed up to Ash Brownies as a contributor.

Eggs have been monitored for hatching at Otmoor in Oxfordshire for some years and for the last two years at West Williamston in Pembrokeshire. The following comparison data is of interest:-

First hatching dates:-
2014: Oxfordshire 3rd April, Sussex 5th April, Pembrokeshire 7th April
2015: Oxfordshire 13th April, Pembrokeshire 14th April, Suusex 15th April

Remarkably similar as Sussex lies somewhat south of Oxfordshire & Pembrokeshire, which both lie on roughly the same latitude.

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