Pembrokeshire Emergence Begins

From David Redhead:
Brown Hairstreaks definitely now on the wing at West Williamston Reserve with activity noted today by Nikki Anderson and myself in three seperate sets of ash trees. Difficult to be certain exactly how many seen but between 5 and 7. None definitely sexed but all bar one probably males. The odd one out had very bright underwings and sat in an ash for a long time but refused to open its wings. One of the notable things is that none of the numerous ash trees at West Williamston has any keys on. This is very different to last year when the most "active" tree was laden with keys.
One of the Brownies' favourite ash trees!


Hi, thanks for the update. We're hoping to visit next week whilst on holiday. Are there any top tips for finding the active trees? Can you provide a grid ref or directions to active trees. I haven't been to the site before. You can contact me direct at Thanks.

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